Need Help Moving To Active Directory?
Our "AD Now!" service may be of assistance


We never would have imagined it, but we're about 3.5 years past Windows 2000 Server's release, and it appears to us that just under half of the NT 4 domains still haven't moved to Active Directory.

In retrospect, it's not all that hard to believe after all.  IT budgets are down.  Infrastructure changes can be a hard sell to the money guys.  But in most cases, it's probably a matter of "I want to get it done right and I need to get it done right the first time."

Changing the plumbing is scary, particularly if you've never done it before.  We know that because we get a lot of letters from people detailing their plan for an Active Directory, asking for Mark's comments.  Unfortunately that's not something that we can do for free, as understanding and analyzing someone's network plan can take several hours, more time than we can just give away.  But we'd like to, so we're offering a new service for would-be AD upgraders called "AD Now!" 

For most people, Active Directory is worth it.  But some folks need a little AD help to get it done, and some need a little more.  AD Now! can provide that.

As we see it, most people need one of three levels of assistance.

Package 1:  "Did we miss anything?"

This least expensive package assists people who think they've got their Active Directory plan laid out pretty well, but would like someone with AD implementation experience to look it over, offering comments, warnings, and shortcuts.  This package works like so:

  1. The client e-mails us a description of their planned Active Directory from one to ten pages maximum.
  2. Mark reviews it.  If he needs more information, then he e-mails the client with the clarification request.
  3. After reviewing it, Mark prepares one to two pages of comments and e-mails them to the client.
  4. If the client desires, they send Mark a set of follow-up questions and he briefly responds.  (Please understand that's one set of responses, due to time constraints.)

Clearly this is strongly structured and for a necessary reason:  its low cost requires that Mark restrict the time spent on the process; that allows us to charge less for this than you'd spend for one copy of Enterprise Server.

Package 2:  Teleconference option

This is package 1 with the addition of an up-to-60-minute telephone call to discuss the client's AD plan, any comments the Mark has made, and any questions that the client has.  

Package 3: Assistance and Training

This more comprehensive package includes both extensive before-migration plan development assistance and review followed by a two-day post-migration on-site visit and implementation review in conjunction with training of network personnel in Active Directory/DNS/group policy/Sysvol configuration, troubleshooting, and maintenance. 

We can tailor other plans to fit your needs.  The bottom line, however, is that if you've been thinking of going to Active Directory, now's the time to do it — and we can help you do it quickly and smoothly.  (Note that we're really not equipped to assist much in the way of Exchange or Novell migration; we focus on getting your bedrock AD running well.)

Contact Jean Snead at or call (757) 426-1431 (please, only between 9-5 Eastern weekdays) for price and availability options.  Give us a buzz and let us get your forest green and healthy in no time!