Mark's "Getting Ready For .NET Server 2003" talk, now available in audio CD format!


Mark Minasi here --

When Microsoft released Windows XP on 25 October 2001, they intended to quickly follow up what was essentially Windows NT 5.1 Workstation with another version of Server, slated to appear in February 2002.  But in early 2002, Microsoft "got religion" about security, and decided to tear apart all of their code, looking for security holes.  That new focus on what they call their "Trustworthy Computing" initiative cost them time, and so it was no surprise when Windows NT Server 5.2 -- that is, Windows .NET Server 2003 -- didn't ship in 2002.

But with RC2 out, it looks as if Redmond's on track for an April 2003 release of Server's latest edition.  Now, I'll bet that a lot of you have had your heads down in the trenches fighting fires, planning an Active Directory implementation, rolling an AD out, or coping with some other network nightmare, so you might not know exactly what to expect from 2003 Server.  I'd like to offer you an easy, quick, and entertaining way to find out.

I've been doing my talk ".NET:  Not Yet or Good Bet?" as a keynote presentation at a number of conferences and as a jumping-off point for many of my consulting jobs as I help companies plan for Server's sixth incarnation.  Now I've adapted it to fit on a single audio CD.  I've trimmed the talk a little to make it fit on the CD, but it's basically the same talk that I've done at places like Fall Comdex in Las Vegas to huge crowds.

The difference, of course, is that you don't have to travel to hear this presentation; I'll ship it to you.  And you can listen to it at your convenience.

As always, the talk's driven by some PowerPoint slides.  The audio CD is actually a mixed-mode CD that includes a printable PDF file of those PowerPoint slides.  This CD costs $29.95. That includes free first-class postal shipping via the US postal service to anywhere in the US.  

If you want to ship faster than first class, then contact us at and we can set it up.  

SHIPMENTS OUTSIDE THE US Ė We have begun to ship some .Net CDís outside the US. Through trial and some error, we have developed a plan that is good for you and still allows MR&D to recover the extra cost. The cost for CDís shipped outside the US will be $55.00. This covers all shipping and handling. You will still be responsible for Duty and Taxes when the product arrives in country.  Product would be sent via international mail unless you specify a speedier mode and agree to pay the cost.  Click here to purchase the "Getting Ready for Server 2003" talk out of the US.

I hope you'll choose to pick up a copy of this presentation.  It's not only the quickest way to understand both the good and bad about what's coming in .NET Server, it's also the most fun.  (Or at least people tell me that.)

Interested? Click here to buy the audio adaptation of my "Getting Ready For .NET Server 2003" talk if shipping to the US, or here to ship outside of the US. Thanks.

Free Sample:  click here to download Mark's explanation of the pros and cons of .NET Server's new "transitive forest trust" feature.  To speed download time (the file is a little over one half megabyte for a three-minute piece) we have significantly reduced the sampling rate.  Your CD will, in contrast, play back at full CD audio quality.