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Hi and thanks for stopping by.  You can access Mark's old newsletters in one of two ways.
Method One:  Browse the List of Articles and Old Newsletters
First, you can browse a table of contents of our past newsletters.  The TOC lists each newsletter and its article titles, and contains hyperlinks so you can just click to see that newsletter.
To browse the TOC, click here.
Method Two:  Use Our Search Engine
Alternatively, we've got our newsletters indexed using Windows' Indexing Service, so you can just type in keywords below and click "Find documents."
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Search Help:

This help is dependent on Microsoft's Indexing Service, so it's a mite limited.

Simply typing a sentence does a "freetext" search -- it tries to match as many words as it can.  Also, Index Service gets a mite creative about word forms -- searching for "patches" will yield responses including both "patch" and "patching" as well as "patches."

To do exact searches, enclose in quotes.  "patches" will not match "patch."

Index Server also understands AND, OR, NOT, and parentheses.  You could search for:

"domain controller" and (kerberos or "LAN Manager")

It also understands NEAR, but only in a very lame way -- "NEAR" is defined as "within 50 words" and, no matter what the docs say, it's not possible to redefine.  So this works:

"domain controller" near Kerberos

Finally, you can do wildcard searches, but only if they're surrounded by {phrase} and {/phrase}.  For example, the first issue refers to a reader named Perry Sedlar.   Merely searching for "Sed*" yields nothing.  But this search:


works.  You can also mix with and/or/not/near:

{phrase}Sed*{/phrase} or Kerberos