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Let's admit it, security's no fun.  But it's a necessary evil, and it's become an even more necessary evil with the advent of worms like Slammer, Nimda and Code Red, as well as ever-growing e-mail viruses.  (If I get one more copy of WORM_KLEZ I think I'll scream...)

No one can know everything about security, and that's probably one of the most discouraging things about it.  Many of us just buy an antivirus program, put in a firewall and hope that'll do the job and sometimes it does.  Many administrators don't ignore security because they're lazy they ignore it because they simply haven't got the time to figure it out.  That's where I think I can help.

I'm not a five-stripe-black-belt kind of security expert.  But I've spent the past ten years running an NT network (from NT 3.1 through Server 2003 and everything in-between) which has been connected to the Internet since its inception.  That's taught me a dozen or so basic things that I do to keep my network relatively secure.  So I collected those things into my "12 Tips To Secure Your Network" talk, and I've done it around the world to crowds of over a thousand people.  It's just the basics, but people who've heard it say that it's clear, short, entertaining and practical.

Now I'm offering that talk on two audio CDs for US$59.95.  It's the a more complete version of the same talk that keynoted the Extreme Knowledge track of Fall Comdex 2002, and that Microsoft hired me to do on campus in February 2003, to a crowd of several hundred.

The difference, of course, is that you don't have to travel to hear this presentation; I'll ship it to you.  And you can listen to it at your convenience.

As always, the talk's driven by some PowerPoint slides, although I've worked hard to ensure that you needn't actually look at the PowerPoint slides while listening in order to learn, so that you can listen while driving or exercising.  The second audio CD is actually a mixed-mode CD that includes a printable PDF file of those PowerPoint slides.  This CD's price includes free first-class postal shipping via the US postal service to anywhere in the US.

I hope you'll choose to pick up a copy of this presentation.  I've tried to make learning about this essential (but too often dull) aspect of network easy to follow, informative, and a bit of fun.

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