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The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is the engine that makes Internet e-mail run -- send mail to and it's SMTP that does most of the heavy lifting. That's why NT 4, Windows 2000, XP and 2003 have all included a fairly powerful IIS SMTP service. As a matter of fact, it's the tool that Exchange uses to handle your Internet e-mail.  It's also the application that Server 2003's built-in e-mail server is built on.  (Remember, with Server 2003, you can actually set up an entire e-mail server without needing Exchange at all.  Sure, it's really basic e-mail server, but the price is right.  Try to find a lot of documentation on how to make it sit up and do tricks, and you'll find very few resources; this talk helps fill in that gap.)

As with any powerful tool, IIS's SMTP service isn't always simple to configure. That's why I've put together a two-CD audio lecture explaining SMTP from A to Z, and at the best price I've ever offered for a two-CD set.

Order a copy of this entertaining, fast-paced talk and you'll learn how to put SMTP Server to work as a "smart host" protecting your Exchange server from the hostile Internet. Or just use it as a free-of-charge backup Internet e-mail server for those times when your main e-mail server is offline or unavailable. You'll see how to diagnose and troubleshoot undelivered Internet e-mail. You'll know how to secure your SMTP server against spammers, denial of service attacks and other threats while at the same time ensuring availability to your internal and traveling users.  You'll find out how to use SMTP Server to host multiple e-mail domains and of course you'll learn everything you could ever need to know about relaying -- that there's "good relaying" and "bad relaying," what it really means, what problems it presents and how to solve them. You'll uncover how the Pickup, Drop, Queue and BadMail folders, the event logs and SMTP logs interact to help you diagnose undelivered messages. Finally, you'll get a look at the extensive event scripting capabilities of SMTP Server.

I've done this presentation at several conferences and the response has always been excellent.  People are amazed at how much Server 2003's built-in SMTP server can do, things they didn't know until hearing the presentation.  (By the way, the vast majority of those things apply just as well to 2000's SMTP server.)  At the request of many folks, I'm now offering that talk on two audio CDs for US$29.95.  So now you can learn about SMTP Server at your pace, and in any place.

As always, the talk's driven by some PowerPoint slides, although I've worked hard to ensure that you needn't actually look at the PowerPoint slides while listening in order to learn, so that you can listen while driving or exercising.  The second audio CD is actually a mixed-mode CD that includes a printable PDF file of those PowerPoint slides.  This CD's price includes free first-class postal shipping via the US postal service to anywhere in the US.

I hope you'll choose to pick up a copy of this presentation.  I've tried to make learning about SMTP server easy to follow, informative, and a bit of fun.

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